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Bringing your designs to life with HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS markup.

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What we're good at?

Converting designs into code is our major skill but we can offer you a lot more, depending on your project requirements or your personal needs

Web and Email design

Web & Email Design

Don't let your users get distracted by bad interface. Keep it simple, beautiful and functional. Clean aesthetics supported by a strong concept is what we can offer you.

Mobile app design

Mobile App Design

With attention to tiniest user interaction details, crafting addicting and engaging experiences, we create beautiful and simple Mobile Applications.

illustration design

Web Illustrations

We can create a wide range of illustrations for all kinds of work. Get custom illustration for your website or even a set of icons.

psd to html service


Commonly used as simple static websites or landing pages. Send us your designs in any format and we will cut it down to clean, semantic code. We guarantee you nearly pixel-perfect precision.

less and sass usage

HTML & Preprocessors

LESS / SASS extensions of CSS3 which allows us to write code in a smarter way by combining nested rules, selector inheritance, mixins, variables, and more. They're translated to modular, well-formatted, standard CSS.

converting psd to amp html


AMP will fasten up loading time of your mobile pages. This Google technology will make it far more compelling for people to consume and engage with more content.

psd to email template

Email Template

High quality, cross-platform templates tested on real devices and 10+ email clients. Fully hand-coded with focus on details.

creating responsive email templates

Responsive Email Template

High quality HTML code optimized for different resolutions and pixel densities. Hand-tested on all major browsers, screen sizes and email clients.

optimising actually working code

Email Optimization

Already having your email template but it lacks of semantic code or it doesn't work properly as it should? We can take care of those problems for you.

making websites fully accessible

WCAG 2.0 from A to AAA

If your project needs to be prepared for people who are visually impaired or have any other kinds of disabilities - poke us, we're good at making stuff accessible.

adding responsiveness to actual working website

Add responsive views

If you already have a website but it doesn't look great on mobile devices then contact us so we can add responsive touch to your website.

making code audit of working websites

Code quality audit

You already have some markup but you're not happy with it? We can make an audit of this code, line by line, showing out the good and bad parts of it.

Why chosing us

10+ years of experience in User Interface design and development. 5 years on the market proudly delivering best available solutions for companies and individual clients.

We don’t do everything at once

We are passionate about what we're doing in pixelcss and thanks to this passion we always deliver code of the highest quality. Specialized in small part of web industry but doing it really good. We're skilled in HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, optimization, email templating, UI, UX, and even illustrations.

Affordable & On-Time

Being on time is a luxury these days and we will give you this luxury for a really affordable price. Even when project time is limited, we split your project into smaller tasks so you can see exactly how far we're with your project development. We close task after task just to deliver your project on-time.

We are creative

Our versatile team specializes in creating great User Interfaces with user experience in mind. Creativity is our way of designing and implementing each project, from strategy to visual communication. Generating ideas in order to meet Your needs.

  • Affordable

    Doing great job for a really low price.

  • Cross-browser compatible

    We make your project work properly where it should work properly.

  • NDA

    We really respect your ideas and that's why we can sign up an NDA.

  • Good SEO Practices

    Google and Bing search engines really like our markup.

  • On Time

    If we tell you that your website will be done on friday then it will be done on friday.

  • Optimized Loading Speed

    Yep, your website can be fast, really fast.

  • Clean Code

    We just create clean, semantic code.

  • Accessible

    It's a really bad habit when your website doesn't work for everyone. We can take care of it.

How we work

Pixelcss is structured in a way to ensure projects move along swiftly, and utilize the varied skill of our designers and developers to achieve the best results possible.

  • Meeting us

    Meet us

    We'd like to get to know you. In fact, we insist on it. Before we initiate any project we take the time to understand you, your business and most importantly, your customers. Let's have a coffee, let's talk, and show us what you would love to achieve with our help.

  • Send us your project requirements

    Send us requirements

    It's time to You send us your project designs, specification, or any other requirements that we will need in your project. We respect your professional design and ideas and that is why we can sign an NDA agreement before analyzing your project.

  • We're analysing your project specification

    Analysis & Estimation

    At this point we're able to analyze what should be done within the project. We will check the quality of the design files, check what is doable and what is not. Now we can predict in what time the project can be done and what will be the overall price. Keep in mind that the price is dependant from the complexity of the project.

  • We're designing and developing your project

    Design & Development

    After signing the contract, we start working on your project. Creating stunning user interfaces and developing some clean and semantic code. Designs will be splitted into named layers and code will be readable for you or your developers thanks to clean, modular code and methodologies like SMACSS or BEM.

  • We're checking if everything works as it should

    Quality Assurance

    After the longest step which was design & development - comes the time to test the project. We test it on all major browsers and most popular mobile devices. On this stage we take out even 99% of all possible bugs and fix them instantly.

  • Delivering final project to you


    When the project files are tested and in our opinion the project is finished we show you the preview so you can evaluate if everything is on its place. If the result suits your needs we can call it the end of our work. When we will account for the project we can send you all the files with assets so your developers can start working on the code right away.

budget websites - illustration of a piggy bank

Budget Websites

If you're in need of a professional website and your budget is tight - contact us! We know how to make good looking, clean and fast websites (based on Wordpress) for an affordable price.

asap development - illustration of a timer

ASAP Design & Development

Your project is required to be done on tommorow, or maybe your designer has disappeared? No worries, we can work over night just to deliver you what you need. Contact us and we will try to find a solution.

Any Questions?

You can contact us or find answers in our FAQ