Case Study


designs created for iOS designs created for Android

Mobile app that provides users easy managing of their consumer loans,
helping them afford what makes them happy.

App Features

  • Login
  • Register
  • Loan calculator
  • Submission process
  • Dashboard
  • Loans history
  • Submissions
  • Customer support chat
  • Payment process
  • Paying instalment option
  • Payment history
  • Brand related news
  • Setting
  • and much more
mikrokasa case study

UX Strategy

  • sketching,
  • wireframes,
  • prototyping,
  • iteration.

Product Design

  • feature analysis,
  • user interface,
  • icon design.


designs created in sketch icons created in adobe illustrator wireframes created in adobe xd functional prototypes created in invision application map created in
Mikrokasa S.A.

Mikrokasa is one of the leading Polish money lending platforms. It gives clients possibility
to get great loan deals without moving away from the computer (and now mobile device).

The Challenge

With the rising number of tech-savvy customers, Mikrokasa decided to build a smart mobile app that would make the management of personal finances easy and fun. We were tasked to design the product UX and UI for both iOS and Android platforms.


  • create user friendly interface
  • create user interface with actual brand in mind
  • optimize the loan taking process
  • increase access to actual loan deals
  • make it easy for users to pay their arrears with only few clicks
  • create designs with native feel

sketching and prototyping on paper
sketching and prototyping on paper

Sketches & Application Map

We wanted to visualize how normal users might move through different processes within the app to accomplish specific goals. Based on provided requirements and user flow sketches we were able to draw first wireframes of the app. First we created an application map. Later we made multiple design iterations after reviews with Mikrokasa team.


At this point we exactly knew how the app should look and behave. We created a prototype in Adobe XD in order to validate our design ideas. We specifically wanted to test our assumptions about the overall user flow and check if it will be easy to click through the app for an average user.

mikrokasa branding

Final designs

Mikrokasa provided us with their actual brand guidelines and style guide. While working on designs we kept in mind all the rules which hold together the actual brand. By consulting all transparency and product information issue with Mikrokasa team, we were able to create app design that fits the actual Mikrokasa brand and deliver a simple and smooth experiance for the users.

Some of the final screens

loan calculator view
dashboard view
confirmation view
log in view
log out popup modal view
onboarding view
customer support chat view
list of user loans history view
help view
password recovery view
verification step view
thank you view

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